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Welcome to hbln_hpc! Discussion Site Information

  • I have made a "community" account on livejournal for HBLN Harry Potter discussions. It is at http://community.livejournal.com/hbln_hpc (i.e., here!). This is where community topics will be posted, one post per topic. Anybody can comment on a topic simply by clicking on the "post comment" or "reply" button at the bottom right hand side of the post. To keep down confusion, I'd like to ask you to sign your comments, so that we know who wrote which response.

  • If you would like to make a post (not just comment on posts already on the community), you can send me your post and I will put it up on the site for you by the end of the day.

  • If you would like to bypass me altogether and make postings of your own, you will need to log in under a "personal" livejournal account. You can only post to a community if you are logged in as an individual, because community accounts cannot make posts onto themselves.

    Have no fear, I have also created a personal account so that anybody who wants to post an entry can do so without having to wait for me to get to their entry at the end of the day. The personal account is hbln_hp - basically, the same as hbln_hpc except without the "c" at the end :)

    This is a bit complicated, so please feel free to skip if you don't mind having me post your entries for you.

    1. To access this account, go to

    2. You will see a page that says
      Log in to LiveJournal

    3. Fill out the form as follows:
      Username: hbln_hp
      Password: hp2007

      Click on "Log in."

    4. You should see a page that says "Welcome back to LiveJournal!" and has a picture of Hermione Granger on the top left hand corner.

    5. Next to Hermione, you will see
      hbln_hpAccount | Help | Logout
      Post | Messages | Friends Page | Invite | Mobile | Vertigo Beta!

    6. Click on Post.

    7. Next to Hermione, you will now see the following:

      Post as: hbln_hp Switch
      Post to: hbln_hp
      Date: (Today's date)
      Userpic: (default)

      Change the "Post to" setting to hpln_hpc, and change the Userpic if you want to. Fill in the form, press Post to hbln_hpc, and you're done! You've posted to hbln_hpc.

    8. If you have trouble with any of those things, or you end up posting to the wrong place (hbln_hp instead of hbln_hpc), don't panic. I will be doing maintenance on the site every night, and will re-post your posting onto the community.

  • If you would like to receive updates on when the community has posted a new entry, or when people have commented on an entry already there, please let me know. Leave a comment at the bottom of this entry, or send an e-mail to ciroccoj2002@yahoo.com with the following information:

    e-mail address:
    daily updates for new postings? Y/N
    daily updates for new comments on posts? Y/N

If I'm missing anything, or if any of this looks puzzling in any way, please let me know either by a comment at the bottom of this post, or by e-mail at ciroccoj2002@yahoo.com.


PS: I would encourage everybody to experiment with the community in order to get used to it. Press "Reply" and post a reply here, even if all it says is "I am testing the reply function." Log in as hbln_hp and make a post onto the community, even if all it says is "This is a test post." I will erase test posts/comments at the end of each day :)
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